Program Overview

A home for media arts for over a decade, Ninth Street Independent Film Center makes work spaces and shared resources available to individual filmmakers through the Media Arts Incubator Program.  The Incubator Program offers access to a dedicated work space, knowledge sharing, outreach opportunities, networking events, and meeting and exhibition space on an annual basis. Our goal is to provide spaces to Bay Area Filmmakers to complete their project(s). 

Ninth Street Media is able to offer dedicated offices at a subsidized rates.  We currently have a total of 7 offices available at this reduced rate.  Our residents are welcome to stay in the building on their project is complete. 


Along with dedicated office space, filmmakers will have access to: 

  • Screening Room and Lobby for project specific events

  • Free Fiscal Sponsorship (except for credit card processing fees). Ninth Street only fiscally sponsors current residents and does not charge a fee. 

  • Free Services such as Grant Reviews, Fundraising assistance & guidance and 1 on 1 meetings with experienced professionals to help move their project forward. 

  • Invites to all Ninth Street IFC Events

  • Free tickets to festival screenings

  • A chance to work in aligned organizations in the building

  • Participation in organizing event relevant to residents needs and interests

  • And more!

All filmmakers are encouraged to apply. Due to limited space we ask that everyone complete a short application to verify eligibility. Priority will be given to filmmakers that conduct the majority of their work in San Francisco. 

Current Residents


Anthony Cianciolo

Jerome Project

Ron Merk framing shot with his hands.JPG

Ron Merk

This was George

Melinda Hess

Letters From Cloudcroft

Javid Soriano

The Impossible Dream

Jamie Wright & Sam Shaw

The Committee


Trinity West

The Speedway Project

Past Residents

Ben Berkowitz

Vagrant Viking

Joshua Grannell

Return to Grey Gardens

Jennifer Chien

The Highway

Dan Goldes

Five Blocks